Date: December 30th 2013



Come to OutletMol for a NEW COLLECTION of Men's shirts, T-shirts, Shorts, Dresses, Tops, Accessories & Much more

Outlet Mol Surfwear and Bikinis

Les Galeries Shopping Mall (next to Paradise Photo, bordering downtown parking lot), Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday
10 am - 1 pm and
3 pm - 6 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 1 pm 
Tel. (+599) 786-4445

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OutletMol- Your shop for surf fashion, boardshorts, shirts, lycras, accessories & mix 'n match bikinis! Stay updated with this newsletter for sales, special events and much more. OutletMol always has the latest Billabong & Quiksilver fashion. So donít let our name fool you...

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